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BIDEN: Voters “Don’t Deserve” To Know My Position on Court Packing

The fact the Biden tells you that you don’t deserve to know his stance on Supreme Court packing is condescending and arrogant. He takes your vote for granted.

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Voters don’t “deserve” to know Joe Biden’s stance on packing the Supreme Court, the Democratic nominee said this week. In a prickly interview with ABC News Friday, Biden doubled down on his refusal to say whether he supports expanding the highest court in the land to more than nine justices.


ABC Action News Anchor Ross DiMattei interviewed Joe Biden during a presidential campaign stop in Las Vegas.

One reply on “BIDEN: Voters “Don’t Deserve” To Know My Position on Court Packing”

It starts here, with “No, the voters do not deserve to know my position.”

It ends with, “You have been convicted and sentenced to death. No, we cannot tell you what the crime was. That is a State Secret.”

Do you all get it yet?

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